LENR at Universities and Large Corporations

A quick google search using keywords LENR universities brings up many universities interested, the number is rapidly growing. For example Robert Duncan, who built up LENR at Missouri Columbia has been promoted to Vice President for Research at Texas Tech. Francesco Celani, who invented E Cat, works at INFN Frascati, and there is a strong LENR presence at Illinois. The University of Utah is where it all started. For a long time (almost a quarter century), I was skeptical of cold fusion as it then called, but many replications have now been made. All the info is on google. Recently Toyota replicated a Mitsubishi LENR transmutation device and this was published in a well known journal. So I started working on LENR in UFT226 to 231 with Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom. These papers caused a big stir on my blog on www.aias.us. I have been working on the Alex Hill type devices since about 2005. Alex Hill has demonstrated these to many people, and they are routinely used in Mexican industry. There are still some luddites who think that the world is flat, but there are many devices that really work. It seems that Texas Tech will be a large center or centre for LENR very soon. Google LENR today and there are 871,000 results. Very soon governments will start to fund LENR, and investors will start to put big money in to it.

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