Qualitative Description by Spin Connection Resonance

That SCR is a complete qualitative success is obvious from the fact that it describes the resonance peak observed by the Alex Hill group. I developed SCR theory following the experimental data. Similarly B(3) theory and ECE theory was developed following the data, the inverse Faraday effect. I suggest that the Alex Hill group in strict commercial confidence and among themselves deduce the connections needed to describe their confidential data qualitatively. In so doing the latest SCR theory should be used. It has been developed a lot by Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom. As a British Civil List scientist I suggest that irrational criticism of new energy be ignored completely by all scientists and engineers. This is what I have been doing for some years. It is quite obvious that the new industrial revolution is here to stay. It is pointless throwing insults at Arkwright for inventing a new industry based on the spinning jenny. Admittedly that led to Blake’s dark satanic mills, but LENR and new energy will lead to a bright clean future.

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