Study of UFT88 at Trinity College Dublin

This is going on currently in the Department of Mathematics in TCD, which is part of the Oxfrod / Cambridge system of Colleges. I am sometime Visiting Academic in TCD and was offered a lectureship there in electrical engineering. I turned it down to take up an SERC Advanced Fellowship that produced about 130 scientific papers and books from 1978 to 1983. My Civil List predecessor Sir William Rowan Hamilton became professor at TCD at the age of 23. The Erasmus Smith professorship of mathematics is currently vacant there. UFT88 introduces torsion into the old second Bianchi identity used by Einstein, and has been heavily studied around the world for some years, without a single objection. UFT88 shows that torsion completely changes the structure of the Einstein field equation, which is based directly on the old second Bianchi identity without torsion. In deriving his field equation Einstein made the covariant Noether Theorem proportional to the old second Bianchi identity using the Einstein constant k. This means that the Einstein theory ALL depends on the entirely arbitrary assumption of a symmetric Christoffel connection (zero torsion), made as far back as the eighteen sixties by Christoffel. At that time, curvature, torsion and commutator were all unknown. Unfortunately for the Einstein theory this assumption contradicts the Cartan structure equations of the nineteen twenties as in UFT139 and earlier papers such as UFT99. This is because the Cartan structure equations are generated by the commutator of covariant derivatives acting on a vector, or more generally any tensor. The very important insight is that the commutator vanishes if the connection is symmetric, so if the connection is symmetric BOTH the curvature and torsion vanish and there is no gravitational field at all, reductio ad absurdum. I seem to have been the first to realize this insight with clarity, because the commutatr isolates the connection as in UFT139 for example, and the five definitive proofs. The latter have also been heavily studied for a decade without objection, and also studied in all the best universities. TCD is still quite a good university in world rankings. The correct way to derive the gravitational equations is to use the Cartan identity:

D ^ T = R ^ q

and the Evans identity

D ^ T tilde = R tilde ^ q

The Evans identity in four dimensions is an example of the Cartan identity. So ALL conclusions based on the now obsolete Einstein field equation are fundamentally erroneous. Experimental data used to “test” erroneous geometry must be used in another way. There must be another explanation for them, and many UFT papers are dedicated to finding this. This historical advance in thought has been quietly accepted around the world for nearly a decade by now. It has also been quietly accepted that the Higgs boson does not exist. UFT225 makes this very obvious. It is being accepted more and more openly without fear of anthropomorphic retribution.

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