Daily Report 28/11/13

There were 1949 hits from 570 distinct visits, 27.6% spiders from baidu, google, MSN and yandex. Auto1 185, Auto2 65, Autosonnets 11, Evans Equations 115 (English), numerous (Spanish), Book of Scientometrics 81, CEFE 39, Englynion 10 to date in November 2013. Faculty of Engineering Sao Paulo State University Brazil F13(Sp); Department of Electronics Carleton University Canada LCR resonant; University of Toronto UFT123; University of the Frontier Temuco Chile UFT176(Sp); Federico Santa Maria Technical University Valparaiso Chile Space Energy; University of Antioquia Colombia UFT147(Sp); Ford Corporation LCR Resonant; Intel Campuses United States Simulation Circuit Resonance Parameters (Sp); Isreali Military general; Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology UFT238b-de; Students University of Kiel UFT237; University of Koeln (Cologne) UFT237, Proof 2, UFT2; Purdue University UFT142; University of Helsinki UFT18; University of Poitiers general; Trinity College Dublin UFT88; Italian Institute for Nuclear Research (INFN) Trieste UFT57; Mitsui-Kinzsoku Corporation levitron; Physics University of Utrecht UFT33; Silesian Data Center Poland Book of Scientometrics; Semiconductor Physics Group Physics Cambridge University UFT81; Eastleigh College Hampshire Spacetime Devices. Intense Interest all Sectors, updated usage file attached for November 2013.

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