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Grenoble has a strong reputation and several of its institutes and universities have visited steve.bannister) . It is best to choose a device that has been replicated. The best contact for advising on devices in the design stage is Horst Eckardt, whose e mail address you have already. As AIAS President I would like to see exactly what you plan, one of the devices in design stage being built and tested. There are many devices on adn In teh past Alex Hill has demonstrated these to many people. One of the institutes at Grenoble could buy a Rossi LENR reactor or build one of their own under licence, and develop it. They could also replicate, build, develo pand market the Alex Hill devices if he agrees. This would involve the usual non disclosure agreements and so on. There may be funds available in Grenoble to invite Alex Hill and Aureliano Horta to Grenoble for device demonstrations. One of these took place in Zurich a few years ago and one of the major German cities, looking for investors I think. Are there any post graduate studentships for which you could apply? There are industrial sources of studentships and so on. In Munich the Bedini machine has been replicated. To give yourself maximum chance of success it is best to start with a replicated device, and to develop from there. On the website there are devices such as LCR resonant, infinite solenoid, levitron and so on. UFT107 has generated a huge amount of interest, with Franklin Amador, Horst Eckardt and myself.

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I have a lot of profesors verry nice that I know in Grenoble-INP.
Thery are verry competent in the classical electric science and technology.

I haven’t talked about ECE nor Free Energy Phd by now, because I want to have a good subject, a bit prepared, to ask them.

I think they could agree. A good thing could be that I make a device that your team has already tested, that proves ECE or Free Energy is able to provide Ekectric Energy.

If I do this as premilary work, they should be interested.

So we can begin to build in Grenoble-INP one of your device (the simplest, even if it is not so efficient, juste to prove that something is possible)

From this point, we could help your team during my Phd to Build and test other devices that you may want to test but you haven’t do it yet?

It may be difficult to begin without any concrete proof.

But we never now, I will send to my professor I am in touch your website and I will see what he feels…

For Finencing, I mau now pesonnaly some companies which could help me, how much is the amount for a 2or3 years Phd? Do I required a lot and expensive materials for the experiments?

I keep you in touch.

Thank you all

Colas Chabaud

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