Report on LENR from Swedish ELFORSK

Many thanks to Axel Westernius! I ran it through Google Translate and read through its main details. It is a long and detailed report. It mentions Rossi’s E Cat, Defkalion’s Hyperion and Brilloin Energy as the leading contenders. It mentions ECE in a fair way as a theory that shows the inadequacy of the standard physics and mentions UFT230. I am not sure that they understand that in UFT226 to UFT231 we explained LENR with quantum tunnelling without yet going beyond the Schroedinger equation. In the next stages of our theory we will use spin connection resonance, which as you know does not exist in the standard model. The latter has been refuted to the satisfaction of literally millions of readers, so is not useful in my opinion. All these ECE LENR papers and notes have been heavily studied and ALL are in Google Scholar. However the report mentions that no replication of LENR has been made. This is surely out dated by now because Toyota for example have replicated a Mitsubishi LENR device. There have been many several independent replications of LENR. Otherwise I would not have applied ECE to LENR. The report mentions that there are 1,700 refereed papers on LENR. The ECE papers are refereed by the readership. Obviously the readership (i.e. the colleagues) accept ECE papers in droves.

Subj: Report on LENR from Swedish ELFORSK

ECE is mentioned in note 6 on page 7.

Dear Myron et al,
ELFORSK ( has just released a report on LENR (attached). Unfortunately, there is only a summary in English. You may be able to get Google to do a reasonable translation of the full report. I will try to find out if a full English version is or will become available.

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