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PS: Developing note 252(4)

PS the radial average refers only to the radial part of the total integral:

integral from 0 to infinity of psi psi* / r cubed dr = <1 / r cubed> (nl)

the angular parts must also be computed of course (integrals over theta and phi). The result wil stil eb analytical however.

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252(3): Application to Particle Collision Theory

This note shows how the recent work in spectroscopy can be used by direct analogy for particle collision theory. The hamiltonian in this case is eq. (14) and the energy expectation values are given by eq. (15). These can again be evaluated by computer algebra for the energy levels of a hydrogen atom interacting with a momentum p sub 1 and angular momentum L sub 1 with the hamiltonian (4), a kinetic energy hamiltonian. All the hamiltonians considered for spectroscopy can be evaluated in this way and the next notes will develop this new approach to particle physics.


Investment in New Energy Devices

I think that this would be an excellent investment, like investing into a horseless carriage company. Glaxo Smith Kline has recently (August 2013) invested thirty million pounds in electroceuticals, and LENR is now mainstream science about to take off as a major new industry. There are many devices available that take energy from spacetime (www.et3m.net, www.upitec.org). Companies need only organize these and develop them. The hard work of scientific research has been done. Several of these devices have been explained by ECE theory. AIAS has been completely successful in what it set out to achieve ten or twelve years ago, to develop a unified field theory based on B(3) theory, and to develop new energy devices. I also played a very small part in the development of electroceuticals, about twenty years ago. So AIAS is at least a quarter century ahead of its time. There is only one measure of the quality of new physics, the interest in it, the way in which it is actually read, studied and implemented. In this respect AIAS has been a tremendous success, generating tens of millions of readings. This has all been achieved at no expense to the tax payer. Compare this with the dismal failures of our times: CERN and wind turbines included. Only a luddite or Inspector Clouseau would look for a horse hidden in the boot or trunk of a horseless carriage. Google Scholar has several thousand reputable papers on new energy.

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