Remarks by Norman Page on plasma jets

I think we are just about to unravel a new class of B(3) type solutions from vacuum Beltrami electrodynamics. I will work some more on this tomorrow. We can also animate the vacuum fields and Horst Eckardt and Douglas Lindstrom are first class with graphical and numerical analysis. I am not sure whether “Nature” deserves us, being tightly controlled by the standard crowd and their mediaeval dogma. I could try, but will probably get a very rude noise by return e mail. We have our own excellent journal run by Victor Riecansky, and worldwide interest much larger than “Nature”. All our UFT papers are also in Google Scholar, so our open source method is fast, efficient, and mainstream science.

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Subj: Re: 257(2) : Extended Beltrami Electrodynamics for Vacuum Fields

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These are illustrated with plane waves but more generally they are given by Eqs. (55) to (58), which are four equations in four unknowns which can be solved numerically in the general case (more general than vacuum plane waves). They ought to produce helicoidal vacuum flow of the type sketched in Figure (1), so that the B(3) field emerges as the field line along Z, well known in Beltrami hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. This is yet another way of proving the B(3) field and its hugely successful ECE theory.

257(2) looks great as far as I can follow the maths. You should send this to Nature with one of the images I linked to as an illustration. Best Regards Norman

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