Remarks by Norman Page, Sometime Oxford University: Plasma Jets and B(3)

This is a beautiful image, we were just discussing the transition to turbulence. Donald Reed also discusses Beltrami structures in plasma. The standard model has no explanation, yet again. We should look up the analytical equation of the Beltrami Rankine vortex. This is very probably the B(3) field driving the electrons.

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Using Occam’s razor doesn’t this image show the plasma jets as the B3 field emerging from a Beltrami – Rankine vortex.The rotation curve of the galaxy depends on the Reynolds number ie when turbulent flow takes over. images& amp;rlz=1T4GGNI_enUS554US555&tbm=isch&

Just paste this address in to see image. Regards Norman

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These are illustrated with plane waves but more generally they are given by Eqs. (55) to (58), which are four equations in four unknowns which can be solved numerically in the general case (more general than vacuum plane waves). They ought to produce helicoidal vacuum flow of the type sketched in Figure (1), so that the B(3) field emerges as the field line along Z, well known in Beltrami hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. This is yet another way of proving the B(3) field and its hugely successful ECE theory.

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