Daily Report 28-29/1/14

On 28/1/14 there were 2695 hits from 530 distinct visits, spiders from baidu, google, MSN, softlayer and yandex. Auto1 199, Auto2 89, Book of Scientometrics 80, CEFE 63, Evans Equations 43 (English), numerous (Spanish), Englynion (Book of Poetry in Welsh and English) 27, Second Book of Poetry 15, Autosonnets 12 to date in January 2014. University of Quebec Trois Rivieres OO574, Technical University Berlin Proof1; Department of Astronomy University of Illinois UFT149; New Mexico State University general; United States Social Security Administration general; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi UFT43; Indian Institute for Plasma Research UFT228; Department of Geophysics Autonomous National University of Mexico Essay 87(Sp); Research Institute for Applied Mathematics and Robotics Autonomous National University of Mexico UFT145(Sp); King’s College Cambridge UFT2. Updated usage file attached for January 2014.

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