Daily Report 30-31/1/14

On 30/1/14 there were 2123 hits from 490 distinct visits, main spiders from baidu, google, MSN and softlayer. Auto1 206, Auto2 92, Overview of ECE 123, Book of Scientometrics 76, Evans Equations 65 (English), numerous (Spanish), CEFE 63, Englynion (Book of Poetry in Welsh and English) 28, Second Book of Poetry 15 for January 2014. Institute of Physics Campinas State University Brazil UFT141(Sp); Bavarian Academy of Sciences Leibnitz Computing Centre Munich general. University of Freiburg CV, Omnia Opera; Lincoln Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) UFT41; Sciences University of Nantes Brittany UFT41; University of Poitiers general; Indian Rail (Rcil) UFT43; Graduate School of Physics and Mathematics Mexican National Polytechnic Institute Galaxies (Sp); Oxford University VPN Network AIAS Staff, CV, Black Holes Unicorns and all that Jazz, Levitron, Vacuum Interactions. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for January 2014.

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