Daily Report 24/9/14

There were 1,882 hits from 463 distinct visits, main spiders from google, MSN and yahoo. F3(Sp) 666, Auto1 372, Auto2 80, Book of Scientometrics 245, Engineering Model 104, UFT88 80, CEFE 59, Englynion 75, Llais 52, UFT269 47, Evans Equations 65 numerous (Spanish), Principles of ECE 29, Auto Sonnets 9. University of Toronto general; Bayer Health Care Germany UFT140(Sp); Library System University of Hamburg general; University of Colorado “Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”; Engineering Illinois State University UFT88; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology UFT262; The University of Tennessee Knoxville Educational Note Two; University of Poitiers general; United States Oak Ridge National Laboratory general; Tezu University India UFT99; Monastery of the Cross (Georgian Orthodox) Jerusalem My Page and Overview of ECE Theory; Norwegian University of Science and Technology Potential Waves; Quaid i Azam University Pakistan UFT175; Library National Tsing Hua University Taiwan UFT88; Mathematics Bristol University CV, Major Advances of ECE theory, Civil List Pension, Collected Civil List Documents; Southampton University Essay 64. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for September 2014.

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