UFT88 Read at Texas A and M and Aalto University Finland

Texas A and M is ranked twentieth in the world out of about twenty thousand universities by Webometrics and one hundred and ninety third in the world by Times Higher Education. It has an endowment of $11.1 billion and 62,185 students. It was founded in Oct. 1876. Aalto University Finland is ranked 251 – 300 by Times, has an endowment of $700 million and 19,683 students, founded in 1849. There have been many study visits to www.aias.us from both Universities since April 30th 2004. UFT88 is the classic paper which refutes Einsteinian general relativity by refuting the second Bianchi identity with the use of torsion. It is currently being read 1,560 times a year off www.aias.us, about 2,500 times a year combined sites, and was written in about 2006. So it has been read about 22,500 times in nine years, perhaps much more . It has been developed into the ECE2 papers, UFT313-321, UFT322-328, curently being read 9,503 times a year from www.aias.us, about 15,200 times a year combined sites (www.aias.us, www.upitec.org, www.atomicprecision.com). UFT88 has been regularly monitored in these early morning postings on this blog, and has been read in all the best universities in the world without any objection in nine years. That includes the world number one Harvard, Oxbridge, Ivy league and so on. So the Einstein era is unanimously acknowledged as obsolete by leading intellectuals, and is taught only as history of science. It has been improved and greatly developed by ECE and ECE2 as is well known professionally world wide.

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