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This is a very important section 3 by co author Horst Eckardt because it refutes the claim that Einsteinian general relativity produces planetary precession, a brilliant ray of light after a hundred years of dogma of the darkened cave. This major discovery again shows the importance of subjecting a load of old dogma (or cobblers) to scholarly scrutiny using the power of computer algebra. This gets rid of the often hair raising and obscure approximations used by Einstein. All these errors cast grave doubt on all his work in general relativity, although the idea of basing physics on geometry is still intact. This idea goes back to ancient civilizations. It has become obvious that the Einstein theory worked out in this way does not produce precession AT ALL. The UFT papers show in many other ways that the theory is totally wrong. The most ridiculous results came out of the Marion and Thornton approximation. The dogmatists have not been able to formulate a single logical reply. Abuse and trolling does not of course count as science. It is in fact a criminal activity. The dogmatists became so arrogant that they started to abuse real scholars. We all can feel that we are witnessing history in the making, and major surgery was needed for the truth to come out. It turns out that it is special relativity that gives the true precessing orbit (UFT324 and UFT325 and essays). This is worked out by computer algebra using simultaneous solution of the lagrangian and hamiltonian of special relativity, with no other assumption. Stephen Crothers was always right, and if he is interested, should be appointed a full professor with tenure at one of the top twenty universities in the world, so of course should Horst Eckardt and others of AIAS if they are interested. The educational system of AIAS is already as good as anything in the world. A reinvigorated chemistry department at Aberystwyth would be an ideal place for an AIAS Institute for those willing to learn Welsh. I think that the University of Muenich could consider a post for Horst Eckardt and British Columbia a post for Douglas Lindstrom. These are two world ranking universities.

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This is the discussion of the Einstein solution of orbital precession,
but there is none.



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