Discussion of Extra Structure of the Relativistic Zeeman Effect

Many thanks, I plan to send the finished note off today, using notes for UFT306 on the Evans / Morris effects. I envisage a new spectroscopy laboratory at any AIAS Institute that may develop at Aberystwyth where instruments and computers (possibly a supercomputer) would be assembled to test these predictions experimentally. Other parts of the Institute would develop a whole pile of discoveries made since 1971 (OO and UFT sections of www.aias.us). The advantage of affiliation with UCW Aberystwyth is eligibility to apply for grants. The model is the historic Room 262 at the EDCL. There is also a need to implement the Delta Project of the European Molecular Liquids Group (Omnia Opera 99) using the tremendous advances made since I wrote the plans for Delta as the EMLG’s first scientific coordinator. There would also be energy from spacetime and LENR laboratories. I dsicussed plans for an EMLG laboratory at Aberystwyth with the late Rt. Hon Tam Dalyell, then shadow minister for education. All these plans had to be shelved for non scientific reasons as in Autobiography volume two but they could be implemented anywhere in the world at any time. If this institute joined forces with the group of Sir John Meurig Thomas and Prof. Sir Martin Evans (a Nobel Laureate in biochemistry and genetics in Cardiff), it would be a powerful institute. There would be a Nobel Laureate and two Nobel nominees.

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Congratulations yet again. Very important!!

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