Intense interest in the ECE2 Papers

These are UFT313-320, 322-330 to date. There is intense interest in the series, all written this year, in 2015. Currently they are being read 14,955 times a year off combined sites, with particular interest in the latest papers of the series. As usual the interest is from the best universities in the world by webometrics and THES. For example on 27/10/15 UFT316 was read at MIT, number two in the world by webometrics, currently number five in the world by THES. UFT316 is the direct update of the famous UFT25 from ECE to ECE2, derivation of the Gauss law of magnetism and Faraday law of induction from Cartan geometry. ECE2 is simpler and more powerful than ECE, although the latter is a very powerful theory in its own right. UFT25 is currently the leading UFT paper out of about five hundred and twenty five UFT papers in English and Spanish. I have produced about the same amount of work as J. S. Bach, and as for Bach, some items have become favourites. Although I cannot see them, thousands of staff and students are studying ECE in all the best places by webometrics and THES. I can only see them if they happen to use a university or institute URL. If they use private computers I cannot identify them in the scientometrics.

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