Spikes of Interest

These occasional spikes are caused by complete site downloads, when someone downloads the entire www.aias.us site, about three thousand documents. I encourage such downloads on to a desk top or memory stick. The more the merrier. Then study of the site can be made at will. Usually I can’t identify the downloading URL. For long term trends I give samples every early morning compiled from manually going through more than three thousand documents. This takes about two and a half hours every morning, starting at about five a.m. I call this the close monitoring method. Anyone can study the patterns off the daily reports on this blog. At present there is a huge amount of interest in the ECE2 series of papers of 2015, followed by the Evans / Morris papers of 2014. There is also a huge amount of interest in the scientometrics. The top ten papers are studied on average well over a hundred times each every month. At present a large percentage of the study takes place in the world’s top twenty universities by webometrics and THES.

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Astonishing spike in interest. One of the largest daily spikes I can recall?

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