334(2): Class one hamiltonian, anomalous Zeeman effect

The effect of removing the Dirac approximation can be developed from Eqs. (17) to (20). The two methods give completely different spectra which can be worked out and graphed by computer using the Lande factor. So this development starts to bring us in to the realm of ESR and NMR, which are very highly developed, and which can be used to test the Dirac equation more rigorously than ever before. The anomalous Zeeman effect in atomic and molecular spectra are also very highly developed and Dirac mentioned in his 1933 Nobel Lecture that his equation is valid only for low velocities v << c. It is now known that his approximation means H0 = 0, where H0 is the non relativistic, classical hamiltonian, an unphysical result. There is already a great deal of interest in the ECE2 papers, UFT313-320, 322-333, 334 in prep.


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