E Index of Luigi Bianchi (1856 – 1928)

This is 3064.4 = AB, where A = 76.61 and B = 40 (estimated), h = 18. This is where the h index method fails completely because Bianchi was one of the greatest of mathematicians. The nearest publication I can find to his discovery of the second Bianchi identity is “Lezioni Sulla Teoria de Gruppi …” which has been cited 197 times since its publication in 1902-1903 and is 728 pages long. I cannot find any source paper on the second Bianchi identity in Google Scholar, despite the fact that it was the basis of general relativity until it was refuted by Horst Eckardt and myself in UFT88 and developed in the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. I guestimate that his total number of publications is about forty. So the h index can only give the vaguest idea of influence, and sometimes it is grossly misleading. The citation system itself can often be grossly misleading. Obviously, the second Bianchi identity is probably one of the most influential in geometry. Its refutation in UFT88 has already become a classic, highly influential paper. We can see this only by my modern scientometrics. The latter should be adopted as the most important measure of influence.

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