334(4): The Anomalous Zeeman Effect Detected by ESR, Class One Hamiltonian

This note shows that the expected corrections of the Dirac approximation in the class one hamiltonian can be observed by ordinary ESR spectrometers using Eqs. (15) to (17). If they have not been observed the Dirac equation is refuted experimentally, an obviously important turning point in physics and chemistry. If these corrections are observable, a completely new ESR (and NMR) emerges – 60% of chemistry and a huge field. The chemical shift in NMR for example is parts per million, and the most important feature of NMR. So these corrections of the Dirac equation are within range. I will now proceed to write up UFT334 in coathorship with Horst Eckardt as usual, because clear and important results have already been found in the notes to date.


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