UFT88 Read at Cambridge

UFT88 has been read at Cambridge again via the University portal. The Cambridge world rankings are currently 3 by QSC, 4 by Times, 5 by URAP and 14 by webometrics. This is a famous paper by Horst Eckardt and myself which has been read an estimated hundred thousand time by the best in the world because it corrects Einsteinian general relativity with torsion, by correcting the second Bianchi identity upon which the Einstein field equation is based directly. It has been developed into the JCE identity (Jacobi Cartan Evans identity) of UFT313, upon which the ECE2 series of papers is based (UFT314 to UFT320, UFT322 – UFT333 to date, UFT334 in prep.) UFT88 comes up on the leading pages of Google using keywords “second Bianchi identity”, reflecting its popularity.

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