Readings of My Diary (the blog)

There are 23,167 entries of my diary since December 2006. These are all archived by the National Library of Wales and the British Library after being backed up by Michael Jackson and Dave Burleigh. Many thanks to all. Since 1/1/10 they have been viewed 360,562 times in up to 182 countries. In 2015 they were viewed in 138 countries, led by Britain, United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Canada, France, ……… The diary is not included in my list of sceintific publications, which is a world record by a long way, over 1,600 papers, reviews, books, essays, translations, broadcasts and so on. My popular autobiography and poetry in both languages are not included in my list of scientific publications. All my books are available in the National Library of Wales and all those published in Britain are available in the British Library in London. The three websites have become centrally important to new thought in physics:,,, in asociation with Alex Hill’s Alex Hill has translated about two hundred UFT papers into Spanish, the book by Laurence Felker, “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory” (UFT302) and well over a hundred essays. Robert Cheshire has broadcast well over a hundred essays and other items, and all the translations and broadcasts are also archived at the two National Libraries on It is estimated that of the order of one hundred million A4 pages of my work has been read since 2002 off the websites.

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