Estimating the Magnitude of the AB Vacuum Vector Potential

As a rough guide the experimental effects of the radiative corrections can be used to estimate the magnitude. Lamb shift theory for example is given in UFT170, Eqs. (28) ff., but the nineteen forties Lamb shift theory assumes the presence in the vacuum of electric and magnetic fields. The Aharonov Bohm vacuum on the other hand is defined by the absence of magnetic and electric fields. So conventional Lamb shift theory must be developed into a theory that uses only potentials in order to estimate the order of magnitude of the AB vacuum vector potential from the accurately measured Lamb shift of spectroscopy and to give an idea of the ESR frequency of Note 336(5). This will probably be the subject of UFT337. Lamb was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of the radiative corrections. So it is well known even in the obsolete physics that the vacuum has electric power and energy. Those who dismiss this fact know nothing at all about physics. Such lack of knowledge is in fact commonplace, coming from an often complete lack of scholarship or bloody minded dogmatism of the wiki variety. It is known from scientometrics that wiki’s attacks on ECE and myself have boomeranged, knocking the wikid authors into a deep dustbin.

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