Probable Implications of UFT336

Agreed with Co President Gareth Evans. The Aharonov Bohm vacuum contains potentials but no fields and for this inference Yakir Aharonov was awarded a Wolf Prize. David Bohm produced a famous fifties paper with my co author and colleague Jean-Pierre Vigier. The vector potential of the AB vacuum is expected for example to produce NMR and ESR in regions from which magnetic fields are excluded. The Chambers experiment can be reinterpreted in terms of a the AB vacuum vector potential. The definitive papers on the ECE vacuum are UFT292 to UFT299, the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers currently being read 3,331 times a year off combined sites. The most intensely studied at present is UFT298. I recommend the readership to the early ECE papers in which various AB effects and related aspects were developed.

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Need-less-to-say, this will be very interesting. It may be manifested in some ways that we have missed altogether.

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