UFT325 Heavily Studied

UFT325 is the most studied ECE2 paper at present: “Orbital Precession from ECE2 and from the Lagrangian of Special Relativity”, using keywords orbital precession and lagrangian of special relativity without inverted commas the paper comes up as number one on the first page of google out of 34,500 results and UFT328 as number two. If “and” is omitted, UFT325 comes up as the second site on the first page of google and UFT328 as number three. These keywords may be a little too precise perhaps, but any reader can experiment with a keyword analysis of any of my publications in science or literature, provided they have Google installed. When I write “my publications” I always mean with co authors of course. In the same way a lieutenant general would say “my corps”, a major general “my division”, a brigadier general “my brigade”, a colonel “my regiment” and so on. I am the total opposite of a soldier, and loathe war, and these are just illustrations. The aim is to get as high a ranking as possible with as broad and general a choice of keywords as possible. This is a new and very interesting way of measuring impact. I think that UFT325 is so successful because everyone can agree on it, and Horst Eckardt’s brilliant numerical analysis and graphics clearly show planetary precession caused by special relativity. Up to now this was thought to be impossible. It produces orbital precession entirely without the use of Einstein’s ideas about general relativity. Einsteinian GR was the most influential theory of the twentieth century in gravitational physics, but is now known to be riddled with errors and has been replaced entirely by ECE and ECE2. After years of meticulous, intensely studied, analysis by sceintometrics, it is known beyond reasonable doubt that this conclusion has been accepted by the colleagues worldwide. The media continues to blast out old propaganda, a load of old cobblers in east end slang, or cawlach yr uffern in Welsh, but those in the know smile and ignore it – the enlightened smile of reason (Kenneth Clark “Civilization”, youtube, episode on Voltaire, who also loathed war). ECE2 as a series is so successful because it is simple and rigorously logical. It produces equations that all physicists can agree upon. It is being read 13,908 times a year at present, and we know that the readership contains some of the most intelligent minds, notably and tellingly, young minds. One can have a young mind at the age of 93, as Prof. Emeritus Harold Scheraga of chemistry Cornell shows. It is a matter of using it.

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