334(4): The Anomalous Zeeman Effect Detected by ESR, Class One Hamiltonian

This note shows that the expected corrections of the Dirac approximation in the class one hamiltonian can be observed by ordinary ESR spectrometers using Eqs. (15) to (17). If they have not been observed the Dirac equation is refuted experimentally, an obviously important turning point in physics and chemistry. If these corrections are observable, a completely new ESR (and NMR) emerges – 60% of chemistry and a huge field. The chemical shift in NMR for example is parts per million, and the most important feature of NMR. So these corrections of the Dirac equation are within range. I will now proceed to write up UFT334 in coathorship with Horst Eckardt as usual, because clear and important results have already been found in the notes to date.


UFT88 Read at Cambridge

UFT88 has been read at Cambridge again via the University portal. The Cambridge world rankings are currently 3 by QSC, 4 by Times, 5 by URAP and 14 by webometrics. This is a famous paper by Horst Eckardt and myself which has been read an estimated hundred thousand time by the best in the world because it corrects Einsteinian general relativity with torsion, by correcting the second Bianchi identity upon which the Einstein field equation is based directly. It has been developed into the JCE identity (Jacobi Cartan Evans identity) of UFT313, upon which the ECE2 series of papers is based (UFT314 to UFT320, UFT322 – UFT333 to date, UFT334 in prep.) UFT88 comes up on the leading pages of Google using keywords “second Bianchi identity”, reflecting its popularity.

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334(3) Rigorous Test of the Dirac Equation, ESR in a Relativistic Electron Beam

The ESR resonance frequency expected theoretically is given by Eq. (12). The experiment consists of measuring this ESR frequency and the relativistic momentum of the electron in the beam. This could be done at SLAC in Stanford for example, or at CERN or DESY. Maybe Horst could plot the expected resonance frequency over a range of relativistic momentum p. Contemporary accelerators produce p close to the momentum of light.


Interest in the Self Charging Inverter and UFT311

I have been monitoring this interest in the morning reports. Someone at the Royal Society of Chemistry studied the SCI paper again as in the morning report today. My sometime Oxford colleague Dominic Tildesley has been elected President of the RSC, which nominated me for my Civil List Pension, probably with the Royal Society. Dominic is a computer simulator and is currently Director of CECAM in EPF Lausanne, Switzerland. We were both in Prof. Sir John Rowlinson’s group at Physical Chemistry, South Parks Road, Oxford. I think I will draw Dominic’s attention to the importance of the SCI and UFT311 papers, and of low energy nuclear reactors (UFT326 onwards). The SCI circuit has been explained precisely by Horst Eckardt and Kurt Arenhold using ECE theory in UFT311, verifying ECE in all detail. It is important to apply computer simulation to LENR. This is an important breakthrough for energy from spacetime within a coherent unified field theory, ECE theory. Another computer simulator, Paul Madden, has been appointed Provost of Queen’s College Oxford. It is also important to develop simulation software for circuits based on ECE theory. That type of work could take place at CECAM in EPF Lausanne or at Oxford. There have been numerous study visits from EPF Lausanne to www.aias.us , and EPFL is in the world top twenty along with Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, Edinburgh, King’s College London and ETH Zurich in Europe. The top twenty is dominated by U. S universities but OxBridge and Imperial are often listed close to the top. Dominic is sometime professor at Imperial and head of Physical Chemistry at Unilever. There has been a tremendous growth in computer simulation since we were at Oxford.

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E Index of Luigi Bianchi (1856 – 1928)

This is 3064.4 = AB, where A = 76.61 and B = 40 (estimated), h = 18. This is where the h index method fails completely because Bianchi was one of the greatest of mathematicians. The nearest publication I can find to his discovery of the second Bianchi identity is “Lezioni Sulla Teoria de Gruppi …” which has been cited 197 times since its publication in 1902-1903 and is 728 pages long. I cannot find any source paper on the second Bianchi identity in Google Scholar, despite the fact that it was the basis of general relativity until it was refuted by Horst Eckardt and myself in UFT88 and developed in the Jacobi Cartan Evans identity of UFT313. I guestimate that his total number of publications is about forty. So the h index can only give the vaguest idea of influence, and sometimes it is grossly misleading. The citation system itself can often be grossly misleading. Obviously, the second Bianchi identity is probably one of the most influential in geometry. Its refutation in UFT88 has already become a classic, highly influential paper. We can see this only by my modern scientometrics. The latter should be adopted as the most important measure of influence.

Testing the Dirac Equation

Many thanks indeed, and the Evans / Morris effects and papers are also very influential. So Room 262 is still going strong.

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This takes atomic and molecular spectra to another level and it is not surprising that there is so much interest in the developments. It is a real and much more precise new test as you say.

We witness a true master at work as reflected in the various indices that quantify your intellectual standing in a current and historical context.

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334(2): Class one hamiltonian, anomalous Zeeman effect

The effect of removing the Dirac approximation can be developed from Eqs. (17) to (20). The two methods give completely different spectra which can be worked out and graphed by computer using the Lande factor. So this development starts to bring us in to the realm of ESR and NMR, which are very highly developed, and which can be used to test the Dirac equation more rigorously than ever before. The anomalous Zeeman effect in atomic and molecular spectra are also very highly developed and Dirac mentioned in his 1933 Nobel Lecture that his equation is valid only for low velocities v << c. It is now known that his approximation means H0 = 0, where H0 is the non relativistic, classical hamiltonian, an unphysical result. There is already a great deal of interest in the ECE2 papers, UFT313-320, 322-333, 334 in prep.


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