Centuries in December 2015

The cricketing term “century” means a hundred runs, and a century in motor racing is a ton up, one hundred miles an hour. A century is roughly equivalent to a home run out of the park with bases loaded in baseball. These days that is very slow. So centuries were scored in December 2015 by the following leading individual items up to Dec 30th (measured in number of times the file was downloaded).

1) Autobiography Volumes One and Two 258
2) Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 213
3) Chapter Three of Lawrence Felker in Spanish translation by Alex Hill (F3(Sp)) 211.
4) UFT88 139
5) UFT140 126
6) UFT25 113
7) UFT325 99 (probably 100+ for the month)

The top six have been favourites for years, and looks as if UFT325 will be another classic. Every one of the 530 plus UFT papers are read every month (in English and Spanish) and they are all on Google Scholar.

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