Plans for UFT337

This paper will aim to explain the Lamb shift in the H atom with the Aharonov Bohm vector potential of ECE2. This means that the same vacuum will be used for both phenomena. At present they are explained with diametrically different ideas about the vacuum. The definitive papers on the ECE vacuum are the Eckardt / Lindstrom papers UFT292 – UFT299, being very heavily studied in their own right. The ECE2 series is very successful, and was all written in the second half of 2015, UFT313-320, 332-336 published to date. Their progress is closely monitored evrey early morning GMT and posted on this blog. The ratio of ECE2 papers to top ten items is steadily increasing as the ECE2 series becomes increasingly studied across the world. This means steady study of the ECE2 papers every day. The series has developed a new special relativity in a space with non zero torsion (T) and curvature (R). So all physicists can agree on the equations. It is now a matter of very important difference of natural philosophy. In ECE2, special relativity is written in a space with non-zero T and R and finite spin connection, and in the original 1880’s special relativity of Fitzgerald, Heaviside, Lorentz and others, it is written in a flat space (T = 0, R = 0, zero spin connection). ECE2 goes well beyond the obsolete Einsteinian general relativity, and UFT325 shows signs of being a classic because it produces precession without using Einstein’s ideas at all. These ideas of his were of course powerful and imaginative, but unfortunately omitted torsion. So they cannot be correct. By now this is common knowledge and the teachings of the obsolete physics are rejected as they occur.

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