UFT Papers written in the Past year

These are making a phenomenal impact: the ECE2 series, the Evans / Morris series, UFT311 and UFT321. They are UFT278 to UFT338, so sixty papers have been posted in about twelve months. UFT281-UFT288, UFT301 – UFT303 and UFT307 are books and UFT292-UFT299 collect papers by Horst Eckardt and Doug Lindstrom on the ECE vacuum. The combined impact of the ECE2 and Evans / Morris series is currently 106,312 readings a year. These are UFT278 to UFT338 excluding UFT281 – UFT288, UFT292 – UFT299, UFT301-UFT303, UFT305, UFT307 and UFT311 and UFT321. The Eckardt / Lindstrom papers are being read 7592 times a year, and the Principles of ECE (UFT281 – UFT288) 4623 times a year. In addition to this there are readings off the blog. By “reading” I mean memory file downloaded or “hit”. This is how webalizer 2.01 measures the impact of every item on www.aias.us. This is distributed to the inner circle every morning, a file containing about 3085 entries which I go through every early morning. Webalizer 2.01 also uses bytes to measure impact. One page of A4 single spaced twelve point is 3.646 kilobytes. Using this calibration, 13,959 printed pages of UFT88 have been downloaded to date in January 2016 off www.aias.us alone. This means 22,334 printed pages off combined sites www.aias.us and www.upitec.org. The paper is eleven printed pages long as published in Journal of the Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (click on UFT88 on www.aias.us). This font size is slightly larger than twelve point, so in twelve point the paper would be about ten pages long. So the number of times UFT88 has been actually read is 2,233 to date in January 2016 (142 hits). So for UFT88, one hit is 15.72 actual readings of the paper, or one hit is 157.2 printed pages for UFT88. This is only one item out of 3085 on www.aias.us alone. This means a total rejection of standard physics. It is being taught but it is also being rejected outright, even by those who teach it. We can see this from the very high quality of the readership – the best universities in the world.

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