Daily Report 27/1/16, New Record High of 6,527,707 printed pages downloaded

The equivalent of 105,862 printed pages was downloaded during the day (385.975 megabytes) from 2014 files downloaded (hits) and 559 distinct visits, each averaging 2.7 memory pages and 8 minutes, printed pages to hits ratio of 52.59. A new fourteen year record high was achieved of 23.800 gigabytes downloaded to date in January 2016 (6,527,707 printed pages, ratio of printed pages to hits averaging 68.86). Main spiders cnsat (China), google, MSN and yahoo. Collected ECE2 3179, Top ten 2080, Collected Evans / Morris 1272 (est), Collected scientometrics 577 (est), Barddoniaeth / Collected Poetry 367, Eckardt / Lindstrom papers 338, Autobiography volumes one and two 289, F3(Sp) 267, Proofs that no torsion mans no gravitation 228, Principles of ECE 202, UFT88 171, UFT311 118, Engineering Model 115, Evans Equations 99, UFT321 94, Llais 79, CEFE 75, Self charging inverter 66, Lindstrom Idaho Lecture 31, Three world records by MWE 15, List of Most prolific authors 14, UFT313 93, UFT314 79, UFT315 75, UFT316 87, UFT317 41, UFT318 108, UFT319 76, UFT320 68, UFT322 65, UFT323 186, UFT324 61, UFT325 71, UFT326 236, UFT327 223, UFT328 240, UFT329 224, UFT330 215, UFT331 172, UFT332 186, UFT333 179, UFT334 180, UFT335 178, UFT336 69, UFT337 43, UFT338 15 to date in January 2016. Bosch Company Germany UFT107; Lenord and Bauer Engineering UFT238b; University of California Berkeley UFT85; Department of Economics University of Utah UFT311 and UFT321; Faculty of Humanities University of Amsterdam UFT325; National University of Singapore My CV; University of Edinburgh UFT147. Intense interest all sectors, updated usage file attached for January 2016.


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