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As can be seen from this table, the number of printed pages downloaded from has grown by almost 300% from 2007 to 2015. The year 2013 is missed out because of a server crash. The year 2006 is omitted because of distortion by link spamming. So in eight years, 239,366,400 printed pages were downloaded from alone. May I ask Horst or Doug to produce a graph of this growth for display on the home pages of and For combined sites the total is increased by an estimated 60% to 382,986,240 printed pages. A printed page is 3.646 kilobytes and is defined as A4, single spaced, twelve point font. There are readers in up to 182 countries. The institutional readership is of the highest possible quality (e.g. UFT307). I think that this is the most significant feedback and this feedback will be recorded permanently and immediately on (The Wayback Machine). It means that our new school of thought is educating people worldwide at all levels without the need for formal courses, and it means that the interest is rapidly increasing. It is not a plateau as previously thought, it has been rapidly increasing since 2002. The other main school of thought – “standard” physics is known to be obsolete. It keeps ignoring refutations and endlessly repeating the same old dogma (or SOD for short). We have a saying in Wales, sod it all, and this now applies to the sod of calcified earth known as standard physics. In other words it is as ossified as a stalactite in Plato’s Cave. Extrapolating linearly from eight to fourteen years produces 670,225,920 printed pages over the lifetime of (early 2002 to present). The site is archived on the Wayback Machine from October 2002 onwards. The site really began to take off in 2004, when 43.82 gigabytes were downloaded, 12,006,132 printed pages. However as early as May 2002, 0.02 gigabytes were downloaded, 5,480 printed pages of pre ECE material in that month. ECE made a delta function impact in 2003, with the 2004 result already cited. All the best universities in the world took an immediate interest, which has grown rapidly.

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