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These are very interesting graphics as usual, especially the spin connections, which do not exist in the standard model, and which are fundamentally important to ECE2 , a generally covariant unified field theory. This is again excellent work by co author Horst Eckardt. Wit the use of Maxima it does not matter if formulae get very complicated, because they can be reduced to clear graphics. Therefore it has been proven that magnetostatics requires antisymmetry laws and conservation of antisymmetry. The latter is a rigorous requirement of physics, a new and important discovery. The standard model of electrodynamics violates antisymmetry, and therefore must be improved and upgraded to the ECE2 level. The understanding of how to obtain energy from spacetime is based on a knowledge and mapping of spin connections. This another major advance in physics.

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Subj: Graphics for paper 386

I succeeded in computing all quantities for the magnetic current loop.
The formulas are highly complicated but it worked with the combination
of independent antisymmetry equations and components of omega x A in
the same way as for the far field dipole.
The figures are:
Fig. 1 – Fig. 3: magnetic far field dipole
Fig. 4 – Fig. 7: magnetic current loop
Fig. 8 – Fig. 12: special potential example, giving a constant magnetic

In particular we should compare Figs. 3 and 6. The far field dipole is
like the electric dipole, the current loop field is dipole-like but in
the plane are two cuts through the conducting line. The current density
(Fig. 7) changes direction at the loop.

The spin connection has planes with diverges in all examples. For the
third example, the two components B1 and B2, resulting in a constant
field B, are quite complicated and there are also currents cancelling
each other.


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