Pion and Particle Masses from the m Theory

Pion and Particle Masses from the m Theory

Many thanks to Doug and Steve Bannister! George Bernard Shaw wrote that "If you teach a man anything he will never learn". He meant that one must learn for oneself. I would have thought that the slightest chance of a second industrial revolution should be pursued with all despatch, using Naval language. The dogmatist who goes through a career regurgitated half learnt dogma will sink with the rest of us. They would be most to blame. I also think that Horst’s contributions are very important, and always inductive, in that every new idea is checked carefully and developed with accuracy, the inductive method illustrated with important graphics. The entire AIAS / UPITEC group has made important contributions and has made its lasting mark on history. The feedback shows that with great accuracy over sixteen years. There are only a very few enlightened minds in any era, most of humankind would happily destroy all the forests of the world and let the starving masses eat cake.

I too Steve shake my finger at the entire physics community. Thity years….has it rally been that long. Once again industry (inventors and technicians) are pushing the envelop whereas the educated institutions (so called) are still dragging their feet. It took the better part of a career for me, and a couple of open minded scientists named Myron and Horst, to get rid of the fence or box that education provided. To the young, challenge the fences and tear them down. Your teachers are quite likely wrong.


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Pion and Particle Masses from the m Theory

Many thanks indeed to Steve Bannister! MIT staff and students frequently consult www.aias.us and the fact that the LENR conference is taking place at MIT means that LENR has arrived center (centre) stage. The State and University of Utah takes full credit. MIT is frequently in the world’s top three universities, often number one in the world. The State of Utah could reopen a LENR Institute in the University of Utah.

Pion and Particle Masses from the m Theory

Hello Myron,

Incredible work, but I do believe. Sometimes I have to shake my head over morning coffee to make sure I am reading what I am reading.

I just found this youtube of the Fleischmann and Pons news conference; it’s long but so much history: https://youtu.be/6CfHaeQo6oU

Next month is the 30th anniversary of the news conference. MIT is holding a special LENR/LANR conference to memorialize.

Many thanks for helping to forge the future.


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