Fwd: Fwd: Effect of increasing central mass in m theory

Photons with mass approaching a dark star.

Many thanks. To give a rough first answer to the question on why a central mass evolves, these data show that a mass m is captured by a dark star, so over time the mass of the dark star becomes larger and larger as it captures more and more objects. It is possible to use the same set of equations to study the trajectory of a photon of mass m captured by a dark star, or in orbit around a smaller mass M than that of a dark star. In the next note I will develop the theory of the trajectory of a photon of mass m in the vicinity of a dark star of mass M. In that problem m << M, for any M. Horst’s code is so powerful that it can be applied to any problem with the production of many new results. He plans toput it in the public domain with instructions on how to use it. The standard dogmatists have not advanced in fifty years. In fact, according to Hawking’s rejection of black holes in 2013 / 2014, they have gone backwards. The photon mass m is very tiny but as I showed in 1991 with the discover of the B(3) field, is identically non zero. Vigier pointed out the connection between B(3) and photon mass.

Fascinating results – congratulations both!!

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