Shape of the cosmos / flux of background potentials

An AIAS member gave a hint to this video:

The video goes into the direction of the “electric universe” and ECE cosmology. The cosmic plasma flow between attractors could coincide with what we call “flow of vacuum potential”. Galaxies “swim” in this flow. The cosmic microwave background map is completely different, perhaps it is a mapping of microwaves from the ocean water of the earth, as Robitaille and Stephen Crothers claim.

Paper 441 extends ECE theory to higher dimensions

According to natural-philosophical thoughts, human thinking and spirituality is connected to higher dimensions. This idea was taken up in paper 441. It describes a procedure that connects ordinary 4D physics with a realm that has been described by Burkhard Heim in 12 dimensions, see AIAS blog of August 8, 2019. Insofar this paper enters a region of natural philosophy not being accessible by the anthropomorphic means we know. Myron often mentioned that Cartan geometry is not restricted to four dimensions. This is the first approach of combining it with the ideas of Heim. As a result, the transition from higher to lower dimensions can be understood in detail and with quantitative reasoning. I think that this could open a new area of research in natural philosophy.

ECE textbook extended to electrodynamics

The long-awaited textbook on ECE theory (paper 438) has been expanded by electrodynamics. The first chapters contain the basic mathematics underlying ECE theory and an introduction to Cartan geometry. The part on electrodynamics introduces the physical interpretation of Cartan geometry, extending the scope from former Maxwell-Heaviside theory to a theory of general relativity. The field equations and new aspects like antisymmetry laws are described. The final chapter with ECE2 theory, a further development, and longitudinal waves is still missing.