ES Circuits as Energy Sources

There is high interest and so congratulations! I understand that these circuits amplify power from other sources. This is also the view expressed on the site. The amount of power outputted by the circuit is greater than the inputted power. There is a source of power, and that is spacetime, explained by the spin connection.

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Subj: Re: Interest in ES Circuits

Good to see the high interest in the papers. Doing the measurements is one thing, obtaining real energy from the circuits is another thing. Here some work remains to be done. Therefore these circuits are not directly usable as energy sources.


Am 26.07.2017 um 09:25 schrieb EMyrone:

There is great interest developing in the ES (energy from spacetime) circuits on and As in this morning’s repoort there have been consultations from the Institute of Electronics at the University of Erlangen in UFT321, the follow up paper to UFT311 on circuit theory, and from the U. S. Naval Marine Command in the circuit of UFT311, patented by Osamu Ide and explained precisely with ECE theory in that paper. It is replicated in UFT364. So both ECE and the circuits have been tested according to the Baconian principles of science. There has been immediate interest in UFT382 and UFT383, the new circuit papers from the Munich science group of Horst Eckardt. There is record high interest in the ECE2 papers and books, which are being consulted at the rate of 63,723 times a year off combined sites.

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