light and medium interaction question /Paper 442


It is remarkable that the golden ratio appears in the derivation of light interaction with a gravitational mass.

In equation 47 of the paper, m(r) is assumed to be constant and leads to gamma = 1 for photons. Is this considered the case for the photons traveling through the vacuum of space, but not necessarily through material matter?

For example light passing through clear water or clear glass slows appreciably (on order of 2/3 of vacuum light speed), but the color of the light remains the same (i.e. the frequency is unchanged; excluding absorption frequency shift cases as described in ECE series of papers, and similar experiments by Santilli ). In such case, h-bar * omega is unchanged; from equation 51 of the paper, does gamma, phi, or m_0 increase to compensate for the slower photon speed to keep the equation left-hand-side (energy) constant?


P.S This is an interesting video with computer animations showing that the golden ratio is the "most irrational number" having utility for more efficient packing of flower seeds than other irrational numbers –

Great are the works of the Lord; they are studied by all who delight in them (Psalm 111:2).

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