Ten Year Readership of “The Evans Equations of Unified Field Theory”

This vastly influential book was published by Abramis in 2007 as a softback, but by far its major impact has been open source on www.aias.us, www.atomicprecision.com and www.upitec.org. The impact of the book is miniscule in comparison with the websites, but still good. This is typical of the open source revolution in education. It was written by Laurence Felker, an engineer residing in Nevada and a lecturer in the Nevada / California region of the western United States. It was translated into Spanish by Alex Hill, (www.et3m.net), a leading industrialist. The Spanish version is in the Spanish section of www.aias.us divided into fifteen chapters, and the English version is UFT302. In August 2015 to date the Spanish version has been read 960 times, and the English version 118 times. This is 14,053 readings a year. The book first began to be posted in 2005, so over a decade it has accumulated at least 140,000 readings from www.aias.us alone, probably much more. Adjusting for all three ECE sites by a factor of 60% gives 224,000 readings. This is a “best reader” by any standards. There are eight times more readings in Spanish than English, suggesting that the book is well known throughout the Spanish speaking world, as well as the English speaking world. It is also read throughout the Portuguese and Italian speaking world, and this readership has been sustained for a decade and is already of historic importance. The distribution of the Spanish readership, chapter by chapter, for August 2015 is as follows.

1) Introduction 61
2) General Relativity 25
3) Quantum Theory 621
4) Geometry 28
5) Well Known Equations 37
6) Evans Field equation 21
7) Evans Wave equation 17
8) Implications 14
9) Dirac, Klein Gordon and Evans Wave Equations 25
10) Replacement of the Heisenberg Principle 20
11) The B(3) Spin Field 11
12) Electroweak Theory 17
13) Aharonov Bohm Effect 33
14) Geometrical Concepts 22
15)Unified Viewpoint 8

in the first 28 days of August 2015 in the middle of the summer vacation, a quiet time in academia. It is seen that the Spanish version is dominated completely by chapter three on quantum theory, so this is an important area of ECE, the first theory to unify quantum mechanics with general relativity and to definitively disprove the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in UFT175. The Croca group in Lisbon has refuted it many times in many ways experimentally.
The book covers the initial, explosive, impact of ECE theory, since then there has been tremendous progress in many directions and the massive initial impact of ECE has been sustained, so it is already historic – a permanent and internationally famous new school of thought. This means that the standard model of physics has lost all credibility, and Governments are drastically curtailing its funding, not before time. The meteoric impact of ECE in 2003 to 2005 is clear from UFT307 (available ion softback from New Generation, London), the scientometrics, currently being read 8,173 times a year off www.aias.us. It is also known that the loonie fringe of standard physics tried to misrepresent, defame and severely distort both my work and career on wikipedia using trolling methods. Obviously there should be a Government investigation of Wikipedia. This disgusting calumny hastened the demise of standard physics funding. Trolls are of course criminals and have been reduced to historical, hysterical rubble.

cc Prime Minister’s Office.
M. P. Gower

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