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Posted on: Friday, October 12, 2012 4:29 AM
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Agreed, standard physics is intellectually and morally bankrupt. It has nothing left to say.

Civil List Scientist.

In a message dated 12/10/2012 08:36:17 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Dear Mr. White and Mr. Westrenius,

Thank you so much for sending me the link to the announcement of
Professor Martin Rees’ public lecture at the University of Sydney in
November, prompting me to write to him:

As you see below I received a prompt reply from him. But it is my
opinion that his short missive is a masterly executed piece of
Machiavellian sycophancy by which scientific truth has again been
buried alive.

Of course, we had no real expectation of anything otherwise, and so it
might seem that our recent correspondence with him, and Professor
Maudlin, seem, prima facie, as exercises in futility. Generally
speaking we already know from collective experience that communicating
scientific truths to professional scientists is indeed a waste of time
and effort, and so we do not usually bother. But sometimes we must and
in these recent two cases I feel that we have not really wasted out
time, because in doing so we have had to think hard, as true
scientists must, in order to convey the facts in the most simple terms
possible so that our scientific and other colleagues all around the
world can see for themselves the travesty of science that is being
perpetrated by the international community of professional scientists.
So this has produced great progress in our scientific work because we
have now been able to distil our irrefutable scientific facts into
very simple terms by means of reducing all the obfuscating
mathematical mumbo-jumbo that the professional scientists use to
conceal the true meaning of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity,
into a few simple physical principles and a few relatively simple
mathematical calculations that can be expounded in a few pages. Let us
review our latest accomplishments from these encounters.

First, we have demonstrated that the concept of the black hole is
inconsistent with General Relativity on account of the simple fact
that Einstein’s requirement that his Principle of Equivalence and his
Special Relativity must manifest in sufficiently small finite regions
of his gravitational field cannot be satisfied by a spacetime that by
mathematical construction contains no matter. Since Ric = 0 is a
spacetime that by mathematical construction contains no matter it is
therefore meaningless. Since the black hole was spawned from Hilbert’s
solution to Ric = 0 it too is consequently meaningless. Since the
black hole is a theoretical entity alleged to be derived from
Hilbert’s metric it too is meaningless. Since the theoretical
Michell-Laplace Dark Body of Newton’s theory of gravitation is
certainly not a black hole either, then it follows that there is no
theory that predicts the black hole at all. Not surprisingly nobody
has therefore ever found a black hole, despite the almost daily false
claims of their discovery all over the place, and so there is no
physical evidence of such a bizarre entity. Ergo, the relativistic
black hole does not exist except as a figment of an unscientific
imagination. And we have achieved this without making any calculations
at all, in a single page of writing that even a high school student
can follow.

Second, we have demonstrated that Einstein’s pseudo-tensor is a
meaningless concoction of mathematical symbols and hence that his
formulation of the usual conservation of energy and momentum is false,
and that the consequence of this is that his field equations violate
the usual conservation of energy and momentum, placing them in direct
conflict with experiment on a very deep level, thereby making General
Relativity invalid. We have done this with a few none too difficult
calculations, and some considerations on the conservation of energy
and momentum. The result is irrefutable. Thus, we have also proven
that the Big Bang cosmology is a fantasy, with its associated creatio
ex nihilo and expansion of the Universe; that Einstein’s gravitational
waves do not exist; and that “Einstein’s twisted nothingness” is

With this concise exposition that we now have I will arrange for
journal publication of the material and subsequent posting to
electronic archives for easy and free internet access to all and

We can also see clearly that many professional scientists are
frequently given to allowing their beliefs to predetermine the outcome
of their scientific inquiries (e.g. black holes, Big Bang,
gravitational waves) contrary to the scientific method, no less so
than Galileo’s adversaries who flatly refused to look through his
telescope to see the truth for themselves, and so society cannot
afford to allow professional scientists to dictate what is and what is
not. It is also a fact that vast sums of public money have been
squandered by professional scientists on meaningless ‘scientific
projects’ that have, ipso facto, brought nothing in return to the
benefit of society. I am reminded of Heaviside’s penetrating quip:

“It was once told as a good joke upon a mathematician that the poor
man went mad and mistook his symbols for realities; as M for the moon
and S for the sun.”
(Heaviside, O. Electromagnetic Theory, Vol. 1, p.133, 1893)

And so we will continue with our work and continue to challenge the
false dogmas that have now plunged astrophysical science and physics
generally into a state of intellectual decrepitude. After all,
professional scientists have no monopoly on scientific knowledge and
can be outclassed by non-professional scientists.

Kind regards,
Steve Crothers

Many thanks for being in touch over this, You certainly have several people
more expert in releativity than I am in Australia, and as you can guess I
maynot have time to properly immerse myself in this controversy With best
regards Martin Rees

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