Daily Report 28/8/15

There were 2,693 files downloaded from 417 distinct visits or reading sessions, main spiders baidu, MSN, google and yahoo. Collected Scientometrics 627, F3(Sp) 621, Evans / Morris papers 560 (estimated), ECE2 papers 484, Autobiography volumes one and two 315, Barddoniaeth / Poetry 299, Eckart / Lindstrom papers 209, Principles of ECE 184, proofs that no torsion means no gravitation 177, UFT88 136, Evans Equations 118 (numerous Spanish), Llais ( “Voice”, translation of article in Welsh by Dewi Lewis) 96, Engineering Model 95, UFT311 79, CEFE 68, UFT321 61, UFT322 55, UFT318 52, UFT320 52, UFT319 49, UFT317 42, UFT324 39, UFT314 38, UFT323 36, UFT316 36, UFT313 36, UFT315 31, UFT325 18 to date in August 2005. Bank of America UFT175; Woorank web ranking extensive; Physics University of Mainz UFT157(Sp); extensive spidering private site in Germany; Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Two Schools of Thought, overview of ECE, advantages of ECE; Istella media Italy “Diplomatic Objection to ‘t Hooft” by AIAS Co President Gareth Evans; Materials Research Institute National Autonomous University of Mexico F3(Sp) on ECE Quantum Mechanics; Protagonist Web Hosting Netherlands general; Izhevsk Region Russia extensive; Alter Vista Web Hosting Italy general; Updated usage file attached for August 2015.


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