Draft of Vol. 2 of the ECE textbook

The first two chapters of vol. 2 of the ECE textbook have been published as paper 448:


The numbering, starting with Chapter 11, extends the chapters of vol. 1. The chapters deal with foundations of quantum mechanics and the Fermion equation that is the ECE form of the Dirac equation. It was quite a hard piece of work to figure out the different ways that Myron had used to describe the spectroscopic methods. The underlying physical effects are multiply derived in Chapter 12, giving slightly different results according to the computation method (non-rel., rel., Dirac etc.). Since spectroscopy was Myron’s original field of work, I presented this in some detail. The description is “only” 20 pages, but they contain a concentrated load of mathematics based on Pauli algebra. All equations have been checked by computer algebra. At the time writing the original papers, we had not enough experience with this. Therefore some corrections had to be made in the sequence of papers. Meanwhile we can be sure that all equations are correct.

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