Experiments at William Beaumont Hospital Cardiovascular Unit.

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Posted on: Friday, January 25, 2013 11:43 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Experiments at William Beaumont Hospital Cardiovascular Unit.

Sounds interesting, we are primarily interested in effects described by Simon Clifford, anomalies that cannot be explained by the Maxwell Heaviside theory. We are also interested in applications and development of fermion resonance without permanent magnets.

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I shall elaborate on the experiments we are conducting and will share with you our findings next week. Thanks for your prompt reply and my very best to you.

Subject: Experiment at William Beaumont Hospital Cardiovascular Unit.

This is a very interesting experiment and thanks for letting me know. I am sure that the electrical engineers at AIAS will give you any detailed electronic advice you need. The spinning electric fields should generate a B(3) type magnetic field and magnetization of any material matter, in the simplest instance one electron. This is the inverse Faraday effect as you probably know, first observed in the Bloembergen group in Harvard in 1964. If you are able to observe the resonance equivalent of the IFE, you will have observed a type of fermion resonance that can be developed into MRI without magnets. That would give much higher resolution at a drastically reduced expense, and might help a lot of patients in the future. As you know I have no medical qualifications, but can advise as a physicist. Another way of developing RFR is to use a circularly polarized radio frequency field interacting with an electron beam. Please refer to UFT83 and UFT84 and the Omnia Opera on www.aias.us, in particular “The Enigmatic Photon” and “Advances in Chemical Physics” reviews which are available there, and other papers in various journals on RFR and optical NMR. These go back to the late eighties.

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Hello Dr. Evans,

I am discussing with some colleagues the feasibility of producing a spinning electric field from two in-plane electric vectors with a phase shift using the cross product.

We could use you feedback .

Thanks and best.

Nachaat Mazeh, PhD

Research Associate

William Beaumont Hospital

Dept., Cardiovascular Research Institute

3601 W. 13 Mile Road

Royal Oak, MI 48073



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