Note Concerning Bruhn to Prof. Bo Lehnert

I note that Bruhn sent you a letter in which he attempted to put forward the nonsensical notion that the ECE theory is not Lorentz covariant. he insultingly descrined my work as a "distortion". On close scrutiny by able scholars, it as found that Bruhn deliberately misrepresented ECE theory with false mathematics. Bruhn’s output of work is miniscule and he suddenly disappeared in 2008 after a prolonged campaign of harassment, and abuse and insult of the British Head of State. The ECE theory is Cartan geometry itself, which is generally covariant and therefore Lorentz covariant. Bruhn also attempted to claim that the B Cyclic Theorem is not Lorentz covariant,whereas the B cyclic Theorem is the frame of reference itself (see UFT89). The frame of reference is automatically covariant. For example the Cartesian frame i x j = k et cyclicum transforms invariantly under the rotational Lorentz transform. Bruhn was thoroughly answered in UFT89 for example, and in many other ways, and suddenly disappeared in 2008 after a campaign of harassment which destroyed van der Merwe’s journals in a completely unethical and some would say, illegal manner. Bruhn also harassed members of the Royal Swedish Academy such as yourself and also SciTopics of Elsevier, which tipped me for a Nobel Prize, thus strengthening your nominations. You pioneering nominations are perfectly sound and ECE is now mainstream physics. Many of its papers and books are by now influential classics. I do not think that a small group of harassing , semi legal, dogmatists should be allowed to influence the Royal Swedish Academy in an attempt to distort nominations and prevent a candidate from being warded a Nobel Prize. Harassment is illegal in almost all laws. Lakhtakia is suspected of ethnic hate crime, in that a series of abusive e mails mocking the People of Wales were received at my address. These were traced to within a few hundred metres of his workplace at Penn State. The Penn State administration opened an enquiry. I found that ‘t Hooft did not have the technical ability to understand Cartan geometry. The defence of ECE theory is wholly impregnable. It is Cartan geometry itself within a scalar that transforms the geometry into physics. Wikipedia was commandered by people like Lakhtakia, who is also suspected of having impersonated ArXiv staff. I have expereience of Lakhtakia slamming down a telephone receiver in uncontrollable rage on more than one occasion when I tried to explain B(3) to him. I had helped him from Cornell in his early career. As Oscar Wilde wrote, "No good deed goes unpunished."

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