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Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 2:14 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: List of Journal Papers

This is a list of the papers published to date in the AIAS journal:

M. W. Evans, Ed., Journal of Foundations of Physics and Chemistry ( six issues a year from June 2011, ISSN 2046 9888. Half price subscriptions for individuals.

Recently there has been an increase in interest in subscriptions, Volume 2 is with the typesetters, and the typeset UFT225 will shortly be sent to CERN. It is a major and widely studied criticism of the Higgs boson as are all my papers since November 1991. So are papers by Horwitz et al., Barrett, Lehnert, Roy, Harmuth et al., and last but not least, Vigier, so are papers by many other colleagues over a century. For example, all the papers of Albert Einstein and Louis de Broglie refute the Higgs boson, because they all develop the ideas of photon mass. Only a tiny minority of elitist physicists hang on to the long refuted ideas of standard physics. At present they control a lot of funding, but that will not be the case much longer. Large cuts in physics funding have already started because of these elitists. These cuts have already been going on for a long time for those in the know, and the funding goes to areas of applied physics, chemistry, engineering, energy research and medicine, i.e. to areas where it is needed.


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