Daily Report 24/10/12

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 11:18 PM
Author: metric345
Subject: Daily Report 24/10/12

There were 3,373 hits from 730 distinct visits each of n real visits, 53.9% spiders from baidu, google, MSN, yandex, choopa, sistrix and utel. CEFE51, CEFEL33, FPL21, LMEP13. Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul Brazil UFT170(Sp); Institute of Chemistry of University of Sao Paolo UFT162; Dupont Corporation UFT140; Theoretical Physics University of Heidelberg UFT41; Department of Mathematics Arizona State University UFT88; Jacksonville State University Essay 6; North Dakota State University LCR resonant; New York Polytechnic MWE page; University of Virginia UFT175; University of Murcia Spain UFT139 (Sp); University of Rovira and Virgili Tarragona Spain UFT132(Sp); The Helsinki Institute of Physics UFT214-1b; University of Caen UFT214-1b; University of Poitiers general; Alaska Regional Headquarters U. S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) UFT papers; University of Sonora Mexico UFT164(Sp); Peruvian Navy UFT148(Sp); Meteorology Government of Serbia general; Ioffe Institute Russia staff, some essays; National Dong Hwa University Taiwan reply to t’ Hooft; Frantsevich Institute for Materials Science Kiev ECE (Russian), UFT26; University of Manchester Essay 26; Theoretical Physics University of Manchester UFT176; University of Central Lancaster UFT25; Stellenbosch University South Africa 2D paper. Intense interest all sectors, attached updated usage file.

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