EVANS Nominations for Nobel Prizes

Dear Myron and interested parties
To be very frank Myron you have screwed it up and will likely never be nominated again for a B3 Nobel
Mostly because of your megalomania,
I do not keep count of how many places you have been blacklisted
A prime example is our recent ‘contract’ with World Scientific for a B3 volume- which progressed nicely
until you decided to do another book, of course OK
but in that book you called Einstein very derogatory names etc etc
which is highly unprofessional, and got both contracts cancelled, and you and couple of your colleagues
banned permanently form WSPC
The reviewer of the 2nd book warned WSPC that their reputation could be destroyed etc etc if yhey allowed you to continue

for our relationship, how many times have you become furious with me and broke of contact for years at a time

You vehemently disallow anyone – the physics community to chew on B3, digest, try to rework etc
One of the primary arenas where you destroyed yourself
was to blow your stack at those who perceived a ERROR in oneof the B3 terms
likely this could have been easily reworked to correlate with B3 if fully understood

Lets take Einstein for example over the last ~ 100 years 1,000s of papers have bitten, chewed, argued, tried to turn inside out and upside down
THIS IS NORMAL, you have beligerently not allowed it
and in the process destroyed yourself

it has been decade or two, I no longer know where I have stored the info on the particular equation terms…

yaddah yaddah yadday

I would guess you cannot recover from this scenario
but what do I know, it is one lame opinion

very best wishes


On Mon, 27 Aug 2018 10:56:51 +0100, Myron Evans wrote:@gmail.com>
Nominations for Nobel Prizes

I was informed on 17th June 2009 by Richard Amoroso, Chair of various Vigier Conferences, that: “I have heard in direct conversation from someone on the Physics Nobel Prize Committee that Myron Evans should win a Nobel Prize for B(3) theory. I assume that this means that Myron Evans has been nominated for a Physics Nobel Prize more than once. In 1993 I was told by Mansel Davies that I should win a Nobel Prize for B(3). He was a chemistry Nobel Prize advisor and nominated Enrico Clementi, I. B. M. Fellow, for a Nobel Prize. I have been informed many times by others that I should win a Nobel Prize in physics or chemistry. With the complete acceptance of B(3) and ECE among the avant garde of physics, I assume that these nominations will continue if anyone is given a fair oportunity of nomination. The person with whom Amoroso had a conversation was almost certainly Bo Lehnert, a member of the Royal Swedish Academy and able to nominate me himself as a Member of the Royal Swedish Academy. Bo Lehnert was a referee for my Civil List Pension along with Alwyn van der Merwe and the late John B. Hart. With the sad death of Stephen Hawking in March 2018, the dogmatic grip on physics has loosened. For example the reason why gravitational or Hawking radiation was never observed from black holes is that neither Hawking radiation nor black holes can exist because they are based on incorrect geometry. They have been refuted by ECE and ECE2, the successor theories to EGR. This has been described recently in the international and avant garde “Nexus” magazine. Einstein was nominated sixty one times before he was awarded a Nobel prize for the explanation of the photoelectric effect in terms of photons. The Committee and Academy never awarded him a Nobel prize for relativity.

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