FOR POSTING: Typeset Version of UFT 225

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 3:04 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: FOR POSTING: Typeset Version of UFT 225

This is the final typeset version of UFT225, which will be sent to all the senior people at CERN and which will replace the UFT225 manuscript on Many thanks to Victor Riecansky! IF CERN tries to ignore this paper, their funding should be cut in my opinion. Senior government departments follow all the time. I am posting it hereby on the blog. It may look complicated but if readers just follow the algebra, they will soon convince themselves that it is hopelessly wrong. This electroweak theory is a cornerstone of Higgs boson theory, as is the massless photon. If senior people ignore refutations they are deceiving the taxpayer. This refutation has been checked as usual by computer algebra. It is absurd and totally unscientific to ignore computer algebra. This fiasco for standard physics shows that somehow or other they have forced incorrect algebra to “explain” experimental data. This fiasco occurs in a standard textbook, Lewis Ryder’s “Quantum Field Theory”, but no one discovered that the algebra was simply wrong. So I assume that no one studied the textbook very closely. I decided to go in to this stuff and check it. The result is UFT225 which has been widely read for months. There has been no objection from any scientist to UFT225. Any objection to computer algebra is of course ridiculous. So CERN cannot go on asking for billions, or trying to buy a Nobel Prize. If a Nobel Prize is given for the Higgs boson, very few will accept it.


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