“Armchair Guide to ECE Electromagnetism” by Douglas Lindstrom

This would be very important in my opinion, a very good model for this type of book is Laurence Felker’s chapter three as just posted. I set out in 2003 to remove the mystery from quantum mechanics, and to unify electromagnetism with gravitation, using geometry. I also unified quantum mechanics and general relativity. Douglas Lindstrom, Horet Eckardt and Laurence Felker have an in depth scholarly knowledge of ECE and have pushed the subject forward a long way. Kerry Pendergast gives a very good description for the general reader in “The Life of Myron Evans” available form Cambridge International Science Publishing. The definitive monograph is “Principles of ECE Theory”, being read several times a year open source (UFT281 to UFT288, to be published by “New Generation Publishing” in London. Felker’s chapter three stars with a quote from Feynman, who laconically admitted that all he was doing was hocus pocus. I fully agree. QED and QCD have been shredded by ECE and ECE2, notably UFT85. Its claim to accuracy is as described by Feynman, hocus pocus.


I just about have my main computer up and running again. I am studying the Fenics project-non-linear finite element method.

Have you worked with this compilation of packages before?

I am still plugging away, a little at a time, at the beginner level “armchair guide to ECE electromagnetism” to be a companion to the video material that is supposed to put out by the conference people in Idaho early in September. I don’t think that this will be ready by that time, so will get released lated in the fall.

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