223(3): Summary of Errors in EGR

Feed: Dr. Myron Evans
Posted on: Friday, June 29, 2012 11:41 AM
Author: metric345
Subject: 223(3): Summary of Errors in EGR

You are welcome any time, and it will be a pleasure to see you. These are very interesting thoughts and I think I will return to the subject from the classical limit (x theory), which gave such rich results. The constrained Minkowski metric seems like a good candidate. Our invisible college has rejected EGR without any doubt, one can see that mainly from the essay feedback, but also in several other ways. If people can find the courage to face up to intimidation and come out into the open, then that will be a very refereshing thing in science. As with all bullies, face up to them and they slink away. This is why SOTT has done such a great job in exposing scientific fraud. There is a lot of interest in papers by Horst and yourself, and in your 2D paper. Also there is a lot of interest in the resonance paper by Franklin and Horst. In EGR dogma is very close to becoming fraud, a great pity for natural philosophy.

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I wish you a very successful meeting on Monday. I was hoipng I could find a way to get there, but not this year. So that you are aware of what I am doing, I mentioned this to Horst but I think I forgot to copy you – with the failure of the metric in spherically symmetric space-times, we need a substitute that will work for the antisymmetric connection so that the Hodge dual and hence electromagnetic theory fall easily from geometry. It seems to me that although the metric gives a means of calculating distance in any frame of reference, when twisting or torsion become involved, this distance no longer represents a single physical or geometric state (there are an infinite number of twisted states that are represented by a single distance scalar). At the moment I am adapting some old theory developed by Love, Rayleigh, Kirchoff, and others for the twisting of a curved slender rod. I think when I get my head around the four dimensional version of this, that a a scalar function direction cosines will come to play and important role, and we will end up with two expressions, a metric expression for distance, and a similar expression for accumulated twist, both of which must be satisfied when jumping from one coordinate system to the next (or perhaps some combination of the two).


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As revision, this note gives a summary of errors in Einsteinian general relativity (EGR), and shows it to be a completely self inconsistent theory. The constrained Minkowski method results in eq. (31), and does not have the effective potential of EGR. The constraint is the observed orbit, which gives eq. (32). In the classical limit v << c the observed orbit is given by the new universal force law (20). This force law gives a precessing ellipse (19). Obviously, the force law of EGR, eq. (16), can never give a precessing ellipse. No amount of dogma can change elementary mathematics.

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