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Many thanks, the de Clifford Family can be traced back to early Norman times on Celtic Royal Genealogy and the Troubridge Family may be there too. Henry VIII was descended from Henry III Plantagenet (Planta Genesta) through his mother Margaret Beaufort. As you know, his father was Henry VII Tudor descended from Tewdwr Mawr, my direct ancestor. Henry VII was the only Lancastrian left after the Wars of the Roses and his claim to the throne went back to Henry III. I will draft up a more detailed genealogy. The Seymour Family were also Norman, St. Mour. My oldest Norman line is de Turbeville, supposed to have been in the Battle Abbey Roll, but recent research shows that only fifteen companions of Guillaume de Normandie (William of Normandy) can be proven from only three contemporary documents. The Battle Abbey Roll is nowhere near contemporary. I listed these in an earlier posting. Among these is the Beaumont Family.

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Hello Myron, This is quite interesting and could be pursued a little further, I believe the Clifford part of my family is from a Welsh line with my paternal great-grandmother under the surname Thomas. I have seen Clifford Castle near Ross, it was quite an impressive stronghold in its day, although the village is now merely small and pretty. My mother traced her ancestry to Rear Admiral, sir Thomas Troubridge (1st Baronet of Plymouth) – whose title was awarded whilst he was one of Nelson’s captains in 1799.
I shall have to see if more can be made from these scraps of information from my sister.

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This was Henry III Plantagenet to Edmund Plantagenet, to his daughter Mary who married Henry V de Percy, to Henry VI de Percy, Earl of Northumberland, to Henry Hotspur de Percy, born 1364, ally of Owain Glyndw^r, to his daughter Elizabeth who married John de Clifford (b. 1389), to his daughter Mary who married Philip Wentworth, to Henry Wentworth (b.1448), to his daughter Margery Wentworth, mother of Jane Seymour, third wide of Henry VIII, her distant cousin, also descended on his mother’s side (Margaret Beaufort) from Henry III Plantagenet. Henry VIII and Jane Seymour were also distant cousins via the early Norman Efa Marshal as described earlier on this blog. The de Clifford Family were those of a powerful Marcher Baron, and later became the Clifford Family. It may be that Simon Clifford is a descendant.

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